The Impure - Book 01 (HARDCOVER, English)

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Humanity is at war with the universe.

When Castor, homeworld to the siblings Nero and Minerva, is destroyed by aliens, they both decide to join the Earth Forces to do everything they can to ensure something like this will never happen again. Eventually, they join the dreaded Impure, living weapons who are created by merging elite soldiers with god-like beings.

As the spearhead of the Earth Forces they, who have sacrificed their own humanity, are feared and hated by those who have come to fear anything alien.

When Minerva betrays her brother and all they ever believed in, it is up to Nero to stop his sister before she reaches the alien alliance. For what Minerva has stolen may well turn the tides of war and spell humanity's downfall.

Story - Ralf Singh

Lineart - Hannes Radke, Katrin Gal, Fabio Ramacci und Petra Popescu

Colors - Ralf Singh, Ilaria Fella und Katrin Gal

Lettering - Marc Schmitz und Ralf Singh

Editing - Peter Adrian Behravesh und Marc Schmitz

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16,8 cm x 26 cm
Hardcover, thread binding
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The Impure - Book 01 (HARDCOVER, English)

0 ratings